Chapel Photo

Dr. Will Willimon, Bishop of UMC, former Dean of Chapel, Duke University, Durham, NC


1.   A good name
2.   An Uncontainable
3.   Easter is Large
4.   The Faith Gap
5.  Word from the Cross
6.  A Song to Shake the World
7.  Commanded to Love
8.  Fishing with Jesus
9.   Getting to Easter
10.  Good Friday
11.  He Showed them His Scars
12. Healing
13. Your Ordination
14. Maundy Thursday I
15. Maundy Thursday
16. Miracle in the Dessert
17. Suffered and Died
18. The Prevailing Spirit
19. When the Outsiders become Insiders
20. You call this a Church
21. You can talk the Game

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